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Platinum Temperature Sensor PCB - PCB 2225 - Heraeus Nexensos
Yardley, PA, USA
Platinum Temperature Sensor PCB PCB 2225
This platinum temperature sensor on a printed circuit board has been specially designed for use in calorimetry. When designing these sensors, the stringent requirements of this sector with regard to precision, long-term stability, cost minimization as well as the option for fully automatic further processing were of prime concern. The temperature sensor in an SMD model forms the measurement active element on a PCB. The chip is connected with terminal faces either with a thin conductive path or via meandering circuit board conductors in order to reduce heat dissipation and to prevent corruption of the measuring results. As a cable set sensor, it is suitable for a wide range of applications within a temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. Experts at Heraeus comply with your requirements and preferences, ranging from the simple modification of a standard product, to a totally new product development. Besides standardized products, we produce solutions according to needs and budget.
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  Heraeus Nexensos
Product Category Sensor Chips
Product Number PCB 2225
Product Name Platinum Temperature Sensor PCB
Applications Industrial
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