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Salem, NH, USA
Datamate S-Tek Shielded connectors EMI/RFI shielded Datamate connectors from Harwin for cable-to-PCB and I/O applications. The 2mm Datamate Hi-Rel connector family from Harwin is available with single-piece, machined metal backshells. This provides electrical screening against RFI and EMI interference. Manufactured in aluminium alloy with nickel plating for electrical performance and corrosion resistance, these backshells ensure full 360 degree electrical shielding when used in conjunction with metal braid. I/O connector with Electrical Shielding Designed to attach to a wide variety of standard metallic braids using industry standard tools, the backshells enable the shield braid to be connected through the backshell to the PCB ground plane. Available in cable-to-PCB-mount and cable-to-panel-mount configurations in a range of sizes covering 6, 10, 14, 20 and 26 positions. These backshells provide the capability to be used as an Input/Output connector. Delivering high performance levels, the new backshells are mechanically strong and easily assembled. Specification highlights 55/125/56 (-55 to +125°C, 56 day damp heat steady state) Tested in accordance with MIL-STD-1377 30dBs of RF attenuation between 10kHz to 400MHz Jackscrews for added mating security
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Product Category Electrical Connectors
Product Number Datamate S-Tek
Geometry Straight
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