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Salem, NH, USA
Datamate J-Tek / Mix-Tek Reverse Fix Jackscrews Datamate Reverse Fix option increases interconnection flexibility PCB access improved with Reverse Fix component selections. Harwin have again increased the extensive Datamate range of interconnection devices – the Reverse Fix option allows designers to consider PCB access and component selection to match, early in the process. The Datamate J-Tek Reverse Fix offers a fixing variant reversed from the usual orientation, making it simple to mount the female connector to the PCB, with the male connector being cable mounted. The Datamate Mix-Tek Reverse Fix adds the same flexibility to the customisable system of power and/or signal and/or coax contacts in one connector. Durability and Total Flexibility The Datamate J-Tek and Mix-Tek connector ranges offers durability and total flexibility in design with cable-to-cable or cable-to-board options. It features a High-Reliability four finger beryllium copper contact clip ensuring integrity, with the Reverse Fix jackscrew providing the same security of connection as the standard jackscrew. The Datamate system is field-proven in a variety of high-performance applications, and is suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock & extremes of temperature are a consideration. Market areas including medical research, military, aerospace, and industrial where safety critical end applications are abundant, will benefit from the flexibility and capability of the Datamate Reverse Fix range from Harwin.
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Product Category Electrical Connectors
Product Number Datamate Reverse Fix
Connector Type Wire to Board Connector (optional feature); Wire to Wire Connector (optional feature)
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