Hangzhou Crysound Electronics Co., Ltd. Loudspeaker CRY611

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Loudspeaker - CRY611 - Hangzhou Crysound Electronics Co., Ltd.
Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Loudspeaker CRY611
CRY611 standard far field speaker with built-in high performance speaker can produce high frequency wide and low distortion sound.Compact volume is convenient for small space such as silencer box to use;Mounting holes are reserved at the top and bottom of the box body for flexible installation in required positions;The circular box can effectively avoid the influence caused by sound reflection.Especiall y suitable for remote sound source scenarios such as smart speaker, omnidirectional conference terminal mike, smart home equipment and smart TV.
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Technical Specifications

  Hangzhou Crysound Electronics Co., Ltd.
Product Category Speakers
Product Number CRY611
Product Name Loudspeaker
Maximum Power 38 watts
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