Fiberguide Industries, Inc. Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series VFT


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Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series VFT
Fiberguide Industries offers a variety of Vacuum and Pressure Feedthroughs to meet the most demanding applications. In addition to our successful pigtailed version, we included a unique design, where the optical fibers can be disconnected at the feedthrough on both the vacuum and atmospheric sides. This is a considerable advantage when damaged or contaminated fibers need replacing.

Technical Specifications

  Fiberguide Industries, Inc.
Product Category Optical Feedthroughs
Product Number VFT
Product Name Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series
Feedthrough Mount Flange; Threaded
Vacuum Rating 1.00E-6 torr (29.92 in Hg vac)
Temperature Range ? to 250 C (? to 482 F)
Attenuation -2 dB
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