Greene, Tweed & Co. “Self-Venting” O-ring Energized Scrapers


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“Self-Venting” O-ring Energized Scrapers -  - Greene, Tweed & Co.
Kulpsville, PA, USA
“Self-Venting” O-ring Energized Scrapers
These œself-venting O-ring energized scrapers are designed to provide maximum exclusion capabilities when used in Type I or Type II gland configurations of SAE AS4088 and AS4052. The same rod and gland diameters apply for both AS4088 and AS4052 (AS4716 glands with an increased atmospheric lip diameter), and gland widths are variable depending on the specification. Depending on the specification, different gland lip diameters are used. AS4088 is typically used for hydraulic actuator systems, while AS4052 is typically used for landing gear shock struts. FEATURES & BENEFITS Excellent wear resistance resulting in extended service life Maximum exclusion capabilities for elimination of contamination ingression Virtually eliminates rod wear and rolling and twisting, resulting in extended system service life Offered in a variety of configurations to meet most of the standard glands used in today™s existing aircraft
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  Greene, Tweed & Co.
Product Category Oil Seals and Grease Seals
Product Name “Self-Venting” O-ring Energized Scrapers
Seal Orientation Rod Seal
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