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Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Fluoroglide® Bearings
At Fluorocarbon we are dedicated to the manufacture of high performance sealing solutions and bearings to suit your specific needs. Seals can be provided in a range of PTFE and high performance polymer materials, specified to meet and exceed the demands of the application. We offer custom solutions for use throughout many industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, aerospace, automotive and offshore. Manufactured for use in the most demanding conditions our seals offer the following benefits: Excellent chemical resistance Wide operating temperature range Very low coefficient of friction No stick/slip effect High resistance to wear Good dry running properties Whether a standard seal or a custom requirement, our dedicated technical team can provide you with innovative and effective solutions to your needs. FLUOROGLIDE® BEARINGS Fluoroglide® PTFE bearing strips are used to guide pistons and piston rods in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Seal life is considerably improved when bearing strips are installed adjacent to PTFE piston and rod seals by ensuring concentricity and damping vibrations.
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