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Helicopter - T129 - AgustaWestland
Cascina Costa di Samarate, Varese, Italy
Helicopter T129
The T129 is a formidable, new, highly powerful and capable all-weather day and night multi-role attack helicopter, based on the combat-proven A129, developed by TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), AgustaWestland and Aselsan for Turkey and other export markets, designed to meet the demanding operational requirements of the 21st Century battlefield. The T129 benefits from the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, with unrivalled performance even in ‘hot and high’ conditions, ensuring that power is available in combat manoeuvres and emergencies. Pilots benefit from excellent situational awareness through superior pilot / co-pilot-gunner stations man-machine-interfac e, with optimal CRM which minimises workload and fully integrated, open-architecture mission systems. Inherent battlefield survivability, with low visual, acoustic, IR and radar signaturem extensive Defence Aid Suite, self-protection and segregation/redundan cy of vital components ensure the highest levels of safety. Integrated logistics, derived from the demonstrated A129 maintenance plan, assure reliability and maintainability and provide a comprehensive supportability plan. Leading Features MTOW: 5t category Power plant: 2 x LHTEC CTS800-4A with FADEC Crew: 1 pilot and 1 gunner / co-pilot Technical Data Weights Take-off mass 5000 kg 11023 lb Wing weapons stores 4 x 300 kg 4 x 661 lb Crew Pilots 2 External Dimensions Fuselage length 12.50 m 41.0 ft/ in Overall height 3.40 m 11.2 ft/ in Rotor diameter 11.90 m 39.0 ft/in Performance: Engines - 2 x LHTEC CTS800-4A with FADEC Maximum cruise speed 269 kph 145 kts Power take off 1014 kW 1361 shp Hover IGE (ISA) 3993 m 13100 ft Hover OGE (ISA) 3048 m 10000 ft Maximum range 561 km 303 nm Ferry range 1000 km 540 nm Maximum endurance 3 h
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