Filmetrics, Inc. Automated Film Thickness Mapping Machine F50 Series


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Automated Film Thickness Mapping Machine - F50 Series - Filmetrics, Inc.
San Diego, CA, USA
Automated Film Thickness Mapping Machine F50 Series
Automated Film Thickness Mapping The Filmetrics F50 family of products can map film thickness as quickly as two points per second. A motorized R-Theta stage accepts standard and custom chucks for samples up to 450mm in diameter. Map patterns can be polar, rectangular, or linear, or you can create your own with no limit on the number of measurement points. Dozens of pre-defined map patterns are supplied. The F50 film thickness mapping system connects to the USB port of your Windows™ computer and can be set up in minutes. The different F50 instruments are distinguished primarily by thickness and wavelength range. The standard F50 is the most popular. Generally shorter wavelengths (e.g. F50-UV) are required measurement of thinner films, while longer wavelengths allow measurement of thicker, rougher, and more opaque films. What's Included Integrated Spectrometer/Light Source Unit Fiber optic cable 4", 6" and 200mm Reference Wafers TS-SiO2-4-7200 Thickness standard Vacuum Pump Spare TH-1 lamp Tweezers
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Technical Specifications

  Filmetrics, Inc.
Product Category Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation
Product Number F50 Series
Product Name Automated Film Thickness Mapping Machine
Form Factor Monitor or instrument
Applications Wafer; CVD / PVD
Measurements Area mapping
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