Festo Corporation Air solenoid valve CPVSC1-M1H-M-H-Q4

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Air solenoid valve - CPVSC1-M1H-M-H-Q4 - Festo Corporation
Islandia, NY, United States
Air solenoid valve CPVSC1-M1H-M-H-Q4
solenoid valve CPVSC1-M1H-M-H-Q4 For valve terminal CPV-SC, QS push-in connector. Valve function=5/2 monostable, Type of actuation=electrical , Valve size=10 mm, Standard nominal flow rate=170 l/min, Operating pressure=-0,9 - 7 bar
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Technical Specifications

  Festo Corporation
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number CPVSC1-M1H-M-H-Q4
Product Name Air solenoid valve
Primary Material Aluminum
Valve Type Gate; Solenoid
Media Air; Compressed Air
Actuation Electric
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