FENN Model 4-229 Combination Two-high/Four High


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Model 4-229 Combination Two-high/Four High -  - FENN
East Berlin, CT, United States
Model 4-229 Combination Two-high/Four High
6-3/4" diameter x 22" diameter x 30" face rolls Built in 2005 This verstile, heavy-duty rolling mill is used for breakdown and finish rolling of platinum and platinum alloy bar and sheet. The rolling mill electronics includes an absolute position programmable roll pass scheduling system, safety light curtains and load cell, rolling force measurement. Convertible 2-Hi / 4-Hi Rolling Mill Back-up Roll Driven Back-up Rolls: 22" Diameter x 30" Face Work Rolls: 6-3/4" Diameter x 30" Face Electromechanical Screwdown with hydraulic roll counter-balance system 1,175,000 lb. rated separating force Strain gauges for separating force measurement. Integral strain gauges within mill housings Designed for low-speed, high-torque, high-precision rolling Hydraulically-operat ed built-in Roll Change Sled AC Vector Drive and Control System, including programmable pass scheduling Touch-sensitive E-Stop bars
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Product Category Rolling Mills
Product Name Model 4-229 Combination Two-high/Four High
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