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Center Valley, PA, United States
Benefits: Extended operating range of any cobot to increase productivity and save costs Direct positioning access within the cobot controller Vibration-free and virtually maintenance-free movement Features: General purpose unit Ready-to-use complete system Connection to the cobot via TCP/IP protocol on standard Ethernet port Simple set of commands to achieve a complete positioning control Robust column design for industrial use Cobots are often used for palletising but reach their limits as soon as the pallet stack reaches a certain height. The easy-to-assemble LIFTKIT increases the reach of any cobot by moving it along a vertical axis. The cobot base can be raised or lowered during palletising so that it is always in an optimum working position. This increased range improves productivity and reduces costs. The LIFTKIT-0S is a ready-to-install system and includes a lifting column with a control unit that can be connected to the cobot via Ethernet port and then programmed and controlled through a standard TCP/IP protocol. With a simple set of commands it's possible to realize complex and precise motion tasks. The system includes redundant safety-certified relays for a safe stop procedure in operation - if connected to the cobot safety output ports. The LIFTKIT-0S system comes with a bottom mounting plate and requires an upper custom plate (not supplied) to connect the cobot to the lifting column.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Robots
Product Number LIFTKIT-0S
Product Name LIFTKIT
Reach 500 to 900 mm (19.69 to 35.43 inch)
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