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Type 10 Pressure Reducing Regulator -  - Equilibar, LLC.
Fletcher, NC, USA
Type 10 Pressure Reducing Regulator
Highly Accurate Pressure Regulation The Bellofram Type 10 Regulator controls output pressure with an accuracy of 0.1%, and has very low sensitivity to changes in supply pressure and flow. Start-Up Stability The Type 10 Regulator has been designed to eliminate the need for any readjustment of the regulated pressure after long “down time.” At start-up, the regulated pressure will return to its output setting. Flow Stability The regulated pressure is held constant over substantial changes in flow due to the high-gain pneumatic servo amplifier. Particularly good from dead end to 20 cubic meters per hour (12 SCFM). Automatic High Downstream Relief Capacity An integral relief valve provides for exhaust flow whenever the regulated pressure is reset to a lower value. The exceptionally large capacity of this relief valve assures immediate response when the downstream regulated pressure must be reduced under dead-end conditions. Pressure Stability A high performance servo-operated control mechanism is utilized in the regulator. The pressure supplied to the pneumatic servo amplifier is reduced and held constant. Locking Capability The standard Type 10 regulator has a locking nut which, when tightened, prevents inadvertent adjustment of pressure. Temperature Stability Shifts in the regulated pressure over wide ambient temperature variations are minimized by the use of a measuring capsule made of specially selected stainless steel alloys. Proven Reliability Thousands of Bellofram Pressure Regulators are in the field. Proof of the accuracy of the Regulator is reflected by its use in most air gauging systems and other precision pressure control applications. Mounting The unit may be installed in any position.
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Technical Specifications

  Equilibar, LLC.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Name Type 10 Pressure Reducing Regulator
Primary Material Stainless Steel
Number of Ports 3
Valve Type Control Valve; Servo
Media Gas; Air; Breathable; Compressed Air
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