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BMS-icom Battery Monitoring System - BMS-icom - Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
Milwaukee, WI, United States
BMS-icom Battery Monitoring System BMS-icom
Eagle Eye's BMS-icom Battery Monitoring System is designed to measure the aging status of up to (4) 12V jars by measuring and recording: string voltage and current, as well as jar/cell voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance and temperature. The BMS-icom is the most accurate, user-friendly and economic solution for monitoring 48VDC systems using (4) 12V batteries. The BMS-icom 48VDC battery monitoring system comes complete with Eagle Eye's Centroid Battery Management Software package which allows all battery systems to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a remote computer. Centroid provides real-time battery monitoring and string/cell trending with reporting capabilities. String trending reports provide system resistance, voltage, temperature, and voltage/ohms comparison. Cell trending reports provide battery/connection resistance, voltage, and temperature. Custom alarm settings can be configured per string. The BMS-icom Battery Monitoring System Includes: BMS-icom MPU Body Clamps: O-Type for cable connection or C-Type for bus-bar connection Sensing cable (current line) Signal cable (voltage line) Temperature cable Total voltage current cable Control power cable Centroid Battery Management Software User Manual Reduce maintenance costs, improve up-time and manage your battery assets effectively by using the BMS-icom battery monitoring solution for your 48V system. Traditional battery testing and battery monitoring methods perform the most crucial test - ohmic value - periodically. Eagle Eye's battery monitoring systems can monitor the ohmic value of all your jars (cells) multiple times each day, due to the fact our systems inject a minimal, non-intrusive current. Protect yourself from battery failures - one of the leading causes of facility downtime, with the BMS-icom Battery Monitoring System. Real-time battery monitoring protects the user from costly downtime, data loss, and security risks. Real-time battery monitoring also reduces maintenance and replacement costs by maximizing your battery life. If you are testing a system different than a 48VDC using 12V batteries see Eagle Eye's iPQMS Battery Monitoring System that can monitor up to 448 jars (or 448 cells). Eagle Eye's BDS-Pro measures 24 jars (or 24 cells).
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  Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
Product Category Battery Monitors and Testers
Product Number BMS-icom
Product Name BMS-icom Battery Monitoring System
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