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Paste - Molykote® E - Dupont Molykote
Midland, MI, United States
Heavy duty lubricating synthetic paste with excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance A high load/high-wear durability paste based on a synthetic oil, developed specifically for plastic components. Applications Automobiles, electrical appliances, precision equipment, audio equipment, and office equipment that have plastic parts. Can be used with plastic-on-plastic, metal-on-metal, or plastic-on-metal friction parts. Features Superior load carrying capability and wear resistance Uses a synthetic oil base, so has a broadrang of service temperatures Compatible with most plastics Has a long life under reciprocating motion Does not contain silicone thereby preventing problems with contact point failures
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Technical Specifications

  Dupont Molykote
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number Molykote® E
Product Name Paste
Type Anti-Seize Compound or Thread Lubricant; Grease / Gel; Micro-dispersion
Composition / Chemistry Synthetic or Semi-synthetic
Industry Applications Automotive or Transportation; Machine, Gears, Spindles, Ways and Final Drives
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