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Compound - Molykote® 111 - Dupont Molykote
Midland, MI, United States
Silicone-based compound, heavy consistency APPLICATIONS Lubrication for control and pressure plug valves, water softener and faucet valves. Sealant for vacuum and pressure systems. Sealant for outdoor equipment (also shipboard) subject to washing and harsh environmental exposure: meters, electrical service entrance and underground connections. Damping medium for dash pots in electrical and electronic equipment. Used as an anti-stick and a sealant for transformer gasket and equipment enclosures. It prevents gaskets from sticking to metal and resists weathering and water washout. Rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets and seals. FEATURES Wide service temperature range (-40°C/-40°F to 200°C/392°F) Excellent water resistance Compatible with many plastics and elastomers Low vapor pressure Low volatility Meets several global standards for water contact
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Technical Specifications

  Dupont Molykote
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number Molykote® 111
Product Name Compound
Type Fluid / Oil
Composition / Chemistry Synthetic or Semi-synthetic; Silicone
Grade / Approvals NSF 51, NSF 61, FDA 21 CFR 175.300, NLGI 3Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approval BS9260 (England)
Dielectric Strength 1.77E7 V/m (450000 V/in)
Industry Applications Automotive or Transportation; Electrical / Electronic; Food Contact Approved; Marine
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