OPW Engineered Systems Series 100 LBV Lined Ball Valve


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Series 100 LBV Lined Ball Valve -  - OPW Engineered Systems
Lebanon, OH, USA
Series 100 LBV Lined Ball Valve
All Sure Seal LBV Series 100 Ball Valves conform to the following specifications: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.10, ASME B16.42, ISO 5211, and MSS-SP25. ISO 5211 mounting flange allows direct mounting of actuators, eliminating costly automation hardware Separate lined ball and stem allows the ball to float, preventing side loading which creates stem leaks Standard take out dimensions allows the Series 100 valve to replace any standard ball, plug or gate valve Additional metal-to-metal body joint prevents possible leakage from temperature changes or line stresses - damage to the seal can not be caused by over tightening PFA liner is locked into machined dovetails and slots in the body halves and cast holes in the ball, preventing liner break down and blow out in high pressure or vacuum situations Series 100 valve can be used in service ranging from full vacuum up to 250 psi Utilizes interference between the ball and the seats, which under low-pressure, results in a tight shut-off Packing is live loaded with Belleville spring washers and is externally adjustable so that, even with an actuator attached, the packing can be easily tightened Lockable hand lever comes standard, allowing user to lock valve in open or closed position
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  OPW Engineered Systems
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Name Series 100 LBV Lined Ball Valve
Valve Type Ball
Media Chemical
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