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Lebanon, OH, USA
ISO-Ring® Gauge Isolation Rings
There’s a common refrain reverberating throughout the industrial world these days, and its message is unmistakably clear: Out with the old diaphragm seal. In with the OPW’s ISO-Ring®. Indeed, for the steady and growing number of companies embracing and implementing this simple call-to-action, something powerfully refreshing and highly reassuring is happening as process liquid flows through their pipes: Process flow is smooth and uninterrupted; pressure readings are consistently reliable and accurate. Thanks to OPW's advanced, patented Gauge Isolation Ring, gone are the days when solids from the process flow plug the pressure-sensing mechanism or clog the access port on the diaphragm seal. Features and Benefits Gauge (or switch) is in contact only with captive liquid and never directly with the process liquid. Isolating the gauge (or switch) from solids in process flow results in accurate readings. Gauge (or switch) can be removed for calibration, repair, or replacement – without interrupting process flow. Unique flexible cylinder prevents plugging, which means pressure readings are reliable and accurate. Integral design eliminates accidental breakage. Adaptable to a variety of process conditions and applications. Will not clog (which is not true of diaphragm seals).
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Technical Specifications

  OPW Engineered Systems
Product Category Diaphragm Seals
Product Name ISO-Ring® Gauge Isolation Rings
Seal Design Other (Isolation Ring)
Upper and Lower Housing Materials Carb. Stl.
Instrument Connection Other (1"- 4" NPT)
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