Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. TriView™ Left-Right-Total Tension Indicator Ti31 Panel Mount


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TriView™ Left-Right-Total Tension Indicator Ti31 Panel Mount
The TriView Left-Right-Total tension indicator displays web tension on a large, bright LCD touch screen. Total tension is continuously displayed digitally and on a simulated analog scale readout. By tapping the touch screen a machine operator can select either left and right tension readings below the main screen, or a balance indication showing the deviation between Left and Right edges of the connected web tension transducer roll. This makes it possible for the machine operator to equalize the tension at the roll edges by means of appropriate manual or automatic adjustments to the machine. The TriView works with a Tension Roll® transducer or a pair of standard DFE tension transducers to measure web tension. The shaft-end transducers are mounted one on each end of a dead or live shaft idler roll. The output signal from the transducers is amplified by the TriView Indicator and displayed on a large simulated meter which is calibrated to read actual tension. The voltage output, proportional to tension, can be used simultaneously from each channel with a recorder, computer or automatic control system. No risk. The TriView LRT is covered by DFE’s 5 year warranty. Tension Indicator Benefits Displays actual web tension at both sides of the web to permit equalization side to side. Also displays total tension. No guesswork. Can be interfaced with control systems for automatic control of tension via three isolated outputs, each output having 0-10VDC and 4-20mA out. Normally only the Total is used for tension control. Enables the machine operator to determine proper tension for any web and consistently reproduce that tension any time that job is run. Tension Limit Switch settings are built in and can trigger external alarms via 2 solid state relays: one for TLS Low and one for TLS High. Feature can be deactivated to eliminate false alarms when not required. Setups can be stored and called up by name enabling the machine operator to determine the proper tension for any web while consistently reproducing that tension whenever that job is run. Tension Indicator Features 24 VDC or Optional 100-240 VAC power input QuickCal Zero and Calibration Choice of Panel Mount OR NEMA 1 wall-mounted steel enclosure Green Power-on LED 5-inch Touch Screen with tension meter and menu driven choice of scale Independent 0-10Vdc and 4-20mAoutputs proportional to left, right, and total tension Touch screen to allow selection of alternate displays and other menu-selectable settings Programmable registers for up to 5 selectable setups
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  Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc.
Product Category Web Controllers
Product Number Ti31 Panel Mount
Product Name TriView™ Left-Right-Total Tension Indicator
Form Factor Chassis
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