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Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
Alignment Magnets
Alignment Magnets Alignment magnets are used to provide uniform fields across a substrate. These fields are used to coerce magnetically permeable materials into a preferred orientation. Alignment may occur either in process, or as a post process operation as is the case with annealing magnets. Dexter has designed and built alignment magnets as small as 10 lbs and as large as 10,000 lbs. During the design, magnetic circuits of a specified topology are configured to precisely control the magnetic field shape, magnitude, and uniformity of the device. These output characteristics are all critical to the final performance of the product being processed. To verify final performance, Dexter serializes and magnetically maps each device by making use of its 3D field mapping system.
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  Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Magnets
Product Name Alignment Magnets
Material Neodymium Iron Boron; Samarium Cobalt; Ferrite; Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt
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