Daisy Data Displays, Inc. Keyboard, Video & Mouse Extender System 5500 Series


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Keyboard, Video & Mouse Extender System - 5500 Series - Daisy Data Displays, Inc.
York Haven, PA, USA
Keyboard, Video & Mouse Extender System 5500 Series
Great option to add to any industrial monitor. It is unbelievably easy to install, you just plug in a single catagory 5 cable and go! The KVM Extender Allows You to Place Your Peripherals and Monitors up to 500 Feet from the Controlling PC Runs over a Single Category 5 UTP Cable - Easy to Find, Easy to Install and Inexpensive AutoBoot Prevents Lock-ups When Peripherals Are Disconnected and Reconnected - Never Again Will You Reboot Just Because You Reconnected the Mouse! Supports Video Modes with up to 1600 × 1280 resolution No More "Adjusting" or "Tuning" - the LongView Automatically Detects Cable and Video Parameters and Adjusts Itself to Perfect Operation - It's "Plug and Play" Compatible with the Entire Daisy Data Displays Line of Monitors, Keyboards and Pointing Devices Both Local and Remote Units Available as Stand-Alone Items or Integrated within Daisy Data Displays Enclosures
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  Daisy Data Displays, Inc.
Product Category Bus Extenders
Product Number 5500 Series
Product Name Keyboard, Video & Mouse Extender System
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