Daburn Electronics & Cable DC-DC Converter, Regulated, 4:1 Wide Input Range Up To 15 Watts RLPB15

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DC-DC Converter, Regulated, 4:1 Wide Input Range Up To 15 Watts RLPB15
Our RLPB15 Series of regulated 4:1 wide input range 15-watt single- and dual-output DC-DC converters come in a miniature 1.0” x 1.0” x 0.39” package to fit space constraints in railway applications. This series features high efficiency up to 91%, low standby power, high reliability power, and remote ON/OFF control for energy savings. Built-in safeguards include over current, over voltage, short circuit and under voltage protections. These converters also provide an internal EN55032 Class A filter, and a six-sided continuous shield minimizes noise leakage. The converters meet EN50155 and EN45545-2 Railway Standards as well as UL60950-1, EN60950-1, IEC60950-1, UL62368-1, EN62368-1 and IEC62368-1. This RLPB series of products comply to RoHS, REACH and carry the CE Mark. INPUT Voltage Range 24Vin (nom): 9 Min., 24 Typ., 36 Max. Vdc 48Vin (nom): 18 Min., 48 Typ., 75 Max. Vdc 110Vin (nom): 36 Min., 110 Typ., 160 Max. Vdc Start Up Voltage 24Vin (nom): 9 Max. Vdc 48Vin (nom): 18 Max. Vdc 110Vin (nom): 36 Max. Vdc Shutdown Voltage 24Vin (nom): 7.5 Min., 8 Typ., 8.8 Max. Vdc 48Vin (nom): 15.5 Min., 16 Typ., 17.5 Max. Vdc 110Vin (nom): 32 Min., 34 Typ., 35.5 Max. Vdc Start up time Constant Resistive Load Power Up: 30 Typ., 40 Max. mS Remote On/Off: 30 Typ., 40 Max. mS Input Surge Voltage 24Vin (nom): 50 Max. Vdc 48Vin (nom): 100 Max. Vdc 110Vin (nom): 185 Max. Vdc Input Filter: Pi type Remote ON/OFF Referred to -Vin pin Positive Logic DC-DC ON: Open or 3-15 Vdc DC-DC OFF, Option: Short or 0-1.2 Vdc Negative Logic, DC-DC ON: Short or 0-1.2 Vdc DC-DC OFF, Standard: Open or 3-15 Vdc Input current of Ctrl pin: -0.5 Min., 1 Max, mA Remote off input current: 2.5 Typ. mA OUTPUT Voltage Accuracy: -1 Min., 1 Max. % Line Regulation Low Line to High Line at Full Load Single: -0.2 Min., 0.2 Max. % Dual: -0.5 Min., 0.5 Max. % Load Regulation No load to full load, Single, -0.2 Min., 0.2 Max. % No load to full load, Dual, -1 Min., 1 Max. % 10% load to 90% load, Single, -0.1 Min., 0.1 Max. % 10% load to 90% load, Dual, -0.8 Min., 0.8 Max. % Cross Regulation: Asymmetrical load 25%/100% FL, Dual: -5 Min., 6 Max. % Voltage Adjustability Single output, 15Vout, 24Vout, -10 Min., 10 Max. % Others, -10 Min., 10 Max. % Ripple and noise Measured by 20MHz bandwidth Single, with a 10µF/6.3V X7R MLCC, 3.3Vout, 5Vout: 75 Typ. mVp-p Single, with a 1µF/25V X7R MLCC, 12Vout, 15Vout: 100 Typ. mVp-p Single, with a 2.2µF/50V X7R MLCC, 24Vout: 125 Typ. mVp-p Dual, with a 10µF/6.3V X7R MLCC for each output, 5Vout: 75 typ. mVp-p Dual, with a 1µF/25V X7R MLCC for each output, 12Vout, 15Vout: 100 Typ mVp-p Dual, with a 2.2µF/50V X7R MLCC for each output, 24Vout: 125 Typ mVp-p Temperature Coefficient: ±0.02%/°C Max. Transient Response recovery time: 25% load step change, 250 Typ. µS Overvoltage Protection: 3.3Vout: 3.7 Min., 5.4 Max. Vdc 5Vout: 5.6 Min., 7 Max. Vdc 12Vout: 13.5 Min., 19.6 Max. Vdc 15Vout: 18.3 Min., 22 Max. Vdc 24Vout: 29.1 Min., 32.5 Max. Vdc Over load protection: % of lout rated, 170 Typ. % Short circuit protection: Continuous, automatic recovery
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Technical Specifications

  Daburn Electronics & Cable
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number RLPB15
Product Name DC-DC Converter, Regulated, 4:1 Wide Input Range Up To 15 Watts
DC Output Power 15 watts
DC Input Voltage 9.0 to 160.0 volts
DC Input Current 0.0080 to 0.0120 amps
Form Factor Board Mount
Operating Temperature -40 to 105 C (-40 to 221 F)
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