Custom MMIC Passive Frequency Doubler CMD256


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Passive Frequency Doubler - CMD256 - Custom MMIC
Chelmsford, MA, USA
Passive Frequency Doubler CMD256
The CMD256 die is a broadband MMIC GaAs x2 passive frequency multiplier. When driven by a +15 dBm signal, the multiplier provides 15 dB conversion loss at an output frequency of 34 GHz. The Fo isolation is 38 dBc. The CMD256 is a 50 ohm matched design eliminating the need for RF port matching. Features Low conversion loss Excellent Fo isolation Broadband performance No bias required Small die size ECCN EAR99 Life Cycle Released – for new design Package DIE RoHS Compliant
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Technical Specifications

  Custom MMIC
Product Category RF Frequency Multipliers
Product Number CMD256
Product Name Passive Frequency Doubler
Package Type DIE
Input 15 dBm
Input Frequency Range 14000 to 20000 MHz
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