Corsair Memory Gaming Audio Series™ HS1A Gaming Headset CA-HS1ANA


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Gaming Audio Series™ HS1A Gaming Headset - CA-HS1ANA - Corsair Memory
Fremont, CA, USA
Gaming Audio Series™ HS1A Gaming Headset CA-HS1ANA
Amazing sound for intensive, immersive gaming It’s all about the audio. That’s why the HS1A uses massive 50mm drivers for a level of sonic detail that’s just not possible with the 40mm drivers found in most gaming headsets. The result is detailed audio reproduction with clean, accurate bass and sparkling clarity in the mids and highs, even when everything’s coming at you at once. Superior audio isn’t just more enjoyable — it lets you listen longer, without fatigue. The circumaural, closed-back earcups offer superior noise isolation at LAN events and other high-distraction environments. They keep outside sound out, and your head in the game. Built for Comfort You can’t play for hours with a headset that binds or pinches. The HS1A uses replaceable memory foam earcups for a custom, reliable fit. The extra-large diameter and deep-dish design help prevent them from touching your ears. Customize your comfort by swapping the two sets of included earpads — microfiber, or synthetic leather. Great for music, and movies too A lot of gaming headsets have frequencies response tuned for gaming, at the expense of acceptable audio quality for music, movies, and everything else you listen to on your PC. The Gaming Audio Series HS1A Gaming Headset is different. The same careful acoustic engineering that delivers amazing game performance also gives you the precision audio response your favorite media deserves. Features Massive 50mm drivers for high-quality audio reproduction Detailed audio reproduction with clean, accurate bass and sparkling clarity in mids and highs Circumaural, closed-back earcups for superior noise isolation Memory foam earpads provide a custom fit that won’t weigh you down Includes two sets of earpads to customize your comfort – your choice of microfiber or synthetic leather Noise-cancelling microphone with flexible, rotating boom works great for in-game chat, Skype, and other VOIP applications
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  Corsair Memory
Product Category Headsets
Product Number CA-HS1ANA
Product Name Gaming Audio Series™ HS1A Gaming Headset
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