Corning Optical Communications Compact LCP (cLCP) Housings OptiTect®


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Compact LCP (cLCP) Housings OptiTect®
The OptiTect® compact local convergence point housing (cLCP) provides optical splitting and fiber management for all-fibre access network (AFAN) applications such as GPON, EPON and RFoG where central and/or distributed splitting architectures are used. The small size of the cLCP supports single-technician handling for aerial/strand mounting as well as for low-profile and vertical pedestals. In central split architectures, up to 144 subscribers can be supported, while up to 384 subscribers can be supported in distributed split architectures. The key features of traditional LCP cabinets have been transformed into a smaller and highly versatile package offering many cost-saving features. Internal splicing and connectivity is scalable in increments of 12 fibres to match cost with small and large opportunities. Elements such as optical splitters can be added as the subscriber base grows. For the designer, four basic elements (housing, cassettes, entry and mounting hardware, splitters) create most any configuration. For purchasing and construction, only a few key components need to be stocked and managed. For the field technician, small size makes this unit as easy to handle as a closure. Splitter outputs are parked until needed, when intuitive routing makes subscriber connection fast and easy. Everything needed to manage, connect and test subscriber connections face the technician as soon as the cover is opened. While the cLCP is designed for field configuration and capacity scaling, pre-stubbed versions are also available. In this approach, the cLCP is fully configured with the desired fibre count and internal connectivity. One or more stub cables are then spliced to feeder and distribution cables to complete the installation.
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Local Convergence Cabinets OptiTect®
The OptiTect® Local Convergence Cabinet, LS Series provides everything necessary to manage up to 864 fibers for an outside plant FTTx application. The OptiTect Local Convergence Cabinet, LS Series is an innovative solution that is the optimal balance between size, density and access. All cabinets share the same intuitive and efficient cable routing and splitter storage. The LS cabinet was developed with the field craft in mind. In this unique cabinet design, splitter parking and cable toning are simple, providing customers more flexibility and deployment options. The best-in-class fiber routing design allows for quick subscriber turn-up and error-free long-term maintenance as the cabinet is loaded to capacity. All five cabinet sizes (144, 288, 432, 576, 864) offer “pass-through” capabilities for commercial services or other high-bandwidth applications, as well as multiple mounting options to accommodate exclusive below ground and aerial plant installations.
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Sealed Local Convergence Point Enclosure (LCPE) OptiTect®
Corning OptiTect® sealed local convergence point enclosure (LCPE) is a sealed enclosure suitable for aerial, buried, pedestal, pole- or wall-mounted installations that eliminates right-of-way issues and minimizes the risk of damage from road accidents. Designed to hold up to five 1x32 splitter housings (ordered separately) with preterminated SC APC (or SC UPC) adapters, the prestubbed enclosure is preconnectorized with a feeder cable and a 72-, 96- or 144-fiber distribution cable that terminates on the distribution side of the connector field. There are parking spaces for up to 32 connector positions and splitter outputs can be routed to any adapter output in the field with no routing limitations. This preassembled product requires minimal training for craft personnel. It requires standard tools for opening the enclosure and offers a quick latch for easy entry and resealing.
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  Corning Optical Communications Corning Optical Communications
Product Category Electronic and Instrument Enclosures Electronic and Instrument Enclosures
Product Number OptiTect® OptiTect®
Product Name Compact LCP (cLCP) Housings Local Convergence Cabinets
Shape Rectangular
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