Corning Optical Communications Fiber Distribution Interface (FDI) Cabinets


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Fiber Distribution Interface (FDI) Cabinets
Corning's fiber distribution interface (FDI) is a splice-based fiber flexibility point for indoor and outdoor locations. It is designed for fiber-to-fiber administration instead of buffer tube-to-buffer tube or ribbon-to-ribbon administration, meaning any feeder fiber can connect to any distribution fiber, regardless of which buffer tube or ribbon it originates from providing maximum flexibility. The FDI also simplifies growth management by permitting economic provisioning of feeder cables while distribution networks are sized for ultimate demand. Furthermore, it provides for future addition and administration of optical splitters and WDMs required for many broadband systems. The FDI is available in two versions: rack-mounted for indoor applications and cabinet-mounted for outdoor applications.
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  Corning Optical Communications
Product Category Electronic and Instrument Enclosures
Product Name Fiber Distribution Interface (FDI) Cabinets
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