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Golden, CO, USA
Thermal Regulation Textiles Outlast®
Outlast® Thermal Regulation Our Outlast® textile line was developed to keep astronauts cool and comfortable throughout their missions. Using this space technology, Outlast® adjusts to your temperature, keeping you comfortable and refreshed. Our dedicated designers ensure that every article of clothing fits just right and every linen is soft and inviting. This same technology can be used in battery packs, electronics, and more — keeping your products working longer and better. CoorsTek CoorsTek luxury and leisure components combine our rich heritage with over a century of advanced ceramics expertise. Since our humble origin in fine art pottery, CoorsTek has been dedicated to perfecting our designs in functional and aesthetic beauty. This spirit continues, combined with the pursuit of perfection that comes from excelling in the world's most demanding industries, where a single flaw could be catastrophic. Through perfection in design and creation, CoorsTek ceramic components for luxury and leisure products bring the simple beauty and innovative spirit of ceramics directly to you.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Fabric and Fiber Insulation
Product Number Outlast®
Product Name Thermal Regulation Textiles
Type Thermal Insulation; Industrial Fabric; Fiber / Filament; Roving or Yarn; Woven; Knitted; Blanket or Batt
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