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Solid Tires - Trailer - ContiTech AG
Hanover, Germany
Solid Tires Trailer
The Continental Trailer is a solid tire with a treadless design for superior handling. The solid body eliminates the need to inflate the tire and the treadless running surface prevents saw-tooth tire wear, which causes vibrations. The Continental TerminalTrailer is tailor-made for tough applications with a high risk of impact and damage and sets a new benchmark in terms of economy and environmental compatibility. Solid does not simply mean solid. It is the combination of different types of rubber with very specific properties which makes the difference between a budget tire and one from Continental. The result is a tire that is extremely stable, puncture resistant, maintenance-free and therefore extremely economical. The Continental TerminalTrailer is the tire of choice when outstanding load capacity, the lowest possible vibration, low rolling resistance and long service life are the main priorities. Product Benefits: Puncture resistance Maintenance free Often twice as long lasting as standard pneumatic tires less rolling resistance less overall costs
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  ContiTech AG
Product Category Tires
Product Number Trailer
Product Name Solid Tires
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