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Off Road Tires (Material Handling) - CraneMaster - ContiTech AG
Hanover, Germany
Off Road Tires (Material Handling) CraneMaster
The new Continental CraneMaster range of tires makes use of the new V.ply technology that has its origin in racing tire technology. A rubber tire gantry crane fitted with CraneMaster tires is far better equipped to handle the daily demands of its operating conditions. V.ply technology is based on cross-ply fiber of high-resistance polymer and an innovative weaving pattern of multiple cords. The carcass of a V.ply tire consists of up to 20 layers of this high-tech material, which are arranged at specially designed angles and woven into three wire beads. The result is an exceptionally sturdy tire construction providing lower rolling resistance and a longer service life. In terms of damping, this design allows a CraneMaster tire to rely not only on compressed air but also on the exceptionally robust tire construction itself. The well-distributed contact pressure in the tread area provides longer tread life and superior maneuverability. Moreover, the advanced design of the new V.ply tires improves steering on the spot. CraneMaster tires provide excellent resistance to casing damage and tread stress cracking. Less internal movement, less rolling resistance, delayed aging and a better wear picture contribute to improved driving performance, lower fuel consumption and therefore a reduction in overall cost. Product Benefits: Less rolling resistance less bead cracks better steering on the spot enhanced endurance less overall costs
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  ContiTech AG
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Product Name Off Road Tires (Material Handling)
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