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Pneumatic Radial Tires - ContiRT20 - ContiTech AG
Hanover, Germany
Pneumatic Radial Tires ContiRT20
Providing a high level of comfort on all surfaces, they help to protect people, goods, and materials in a wide range of transporting and lifting tasks. The tire offers excellent ride characteristics, outstanding traction, and effortless handling. Continental’s Pneumatic Tires are therefore typically recommended for forklift trucks, trailers for in-plant applications, industrial tractors, airport apron vehicles, and heavy-duty transport vehicles. The pneumatic range consists of the two construction types Pneumatic Radial Tires and Pneumatic Crossply Tires: A Radial Tire has a carcass of one or more layers made of fibers or steel running directly from bead to bead (radial). The tread is stabilized by steel belts. Continental’s Pneumatic Radial Tires ensure a high degree of comfort because of their flexible sidewalls. Their low rolling resistance will also help you to save energy. That’s why Radial Tires are ideal for outdoor application and long runs. They are mainly used on forklift trucks, heavy-duty transport vehicles, indoor service trailers, and platform trucks. A Crossply Tire has a carcass comprising multiple layers of fabric. These run diagonally from one bead to the other. The tread and sidewall of a Crossply Tire are coupled to form a single unit. All shock absorbing movements of the sidewall are transferred into the tread. The contact patch width varies in size and shape according to the ground surface. In summary, Continental’s Pneumatic Crossply Tires are not only highly flexible, but also highly damage-resistant. These properties make Crossply Tires ideal for industrial tractors, airport vehicles, and self-powered lift vehicles.
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  ContiTech AG
Product Category Tires
Product Number ContiRT20
Product Name Pneumatic Radial Tires
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