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Press On Band (POB) Tires - ContiPT18 - ContiTech AG
Hanover, Germany
Press On Band (POB) Tires ContiPT18
The ContiPT18, with its deep, aggressive lug pattern, is ideal for uneven and wet surfaces. Even in these harsh applications, the ContiPT18 offers a high degree of stability thanks to its high stiffness and fractional interrupted circumferential. With its low rolling resistance, high mileage, and chunk- and tear-resistance, the ContiPT18 runs on minimal costs per hour. Moreover, the ContiPT18 has a high load capability, improved traction, and enhanced shock absorption. This makes the ContiPT18 ideal for use on loading docks, ramp inclines, and in all manner of outdoor applications. It is also available in a non-marking version for use in clean industrial environments.
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  ContiTech AG
Product Category Tires
Product Number ContiPT18
Product Name Press On Band (POB) Tires
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