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Pneumatic Radial Tires - ConRad HT1 - ContiTech AG
Hanover, Germany
Pneumatic Radial Tires ConRad HT1
The ConRadHT1 with its long service life has a high tread depth and strong solid shoulder, which makes this pneumatic tire surprisingly strong and resistant to tread cuts and impacts. At the same time, the ConRadHT1 offers an extremely smooth ride thanks to the greater sidewall flexibility. The half-track profile makes it ideal for twin fitments since it minimizes the irregular wear that can occur with twinfitted tires. The Continental ConRadHT1 with its exclusive asymmetrical half-track tread is ideal for twin fitment, making it the perfect solution for wear-intensive applications in the building material industry, for example.
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  ContiTech AG
Product Category Tires
Product Number ConRad HT1
Product Name Pneumatic Radial Tires
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