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Hudson, MA, USA
Series 22 Pinch Valve
The Series-22 Quarter-Turn Dia-Cam valve is a high flow capacity pinch valve, designed for hard-to handle fluids, especially slurries. The valve interior consists of a fabric reinforced elastomeric or PTFE-lined Diaphragm Spool... the only wetted component of the valve. Two opposing gear-driven cams, contained in a flanged split vinylester-fiberglas s body, act on the Diaphragm Spool, providing flow control over the entire 90 degrees of valve stem travel. The valve exhibits negligible pressure drop in the open position and bubble-tight closure even around solids in the closed position. Where solids in the slurry make operation of other types of valves such as ball, plug and butterfly valves extremely problematic, the Series-22 Dia-Cam valve is ideally suited for slurries since there are no "dead zones" in the valve internals. The valve ID mates to Schedule 40 piping systems and installs without flange gaskets. The valve is utilized in either ON-OFF or FLOW CONTROL applications. Manual operation of the valve is accomplished with a 6-position notched detent plate and spring-loaded lever assembly. Automated operation is achieved by specifying a Clark RE series electric quarter-turn actuator. Pneumatic actuators are available on request. Maximum working pressure for all sizes is 125 psig. Operating temperature is -40 to 275°F, depending on the elastomer system used in the valve. For throttling applications, proper valve sizing involves determining the Cv required, taking into consideration fluid viscosity, pipeline size and cavitation potential. Consult Factory for sizing verification.
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Name Series 22 Pinch Valve
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Pinch; Relief
Media Water
Actuation Electric
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