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PFAD Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor - PFAD0045 - Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA, USA
PFAD Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor PFAD0045
The PFAD flow sensor has been developed to perform a fast exchange of the flow tube to accommodate hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry. It is suitable for clear, opaque, neutral, corrosive and aggressive liquids including fuel. A field replaceable ultra-lightweight turbine assembly follows the fluctuation of flow very accurately and generates a high resolution IR reflected digital output signal. In either flow controlled or monitoring applications, the PFAD flow sensor can measure flow rates and totalize. Optional elements built into the circuit include a programmable K factor, flow switch and a programmable batch feedback function for pump control. External optional electronic packages include model 6100 digital to analog (4-20 mA) converter. Also model S601, a professional, solid batch and flow controller that can be used as a monitor and/or totalizer and model 6300 switch module for use with optional built-in flow switch and batch functions.
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Liquid Flow Meters
Product Number PFAD0045
Product Name PFAD Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor
Operating Pressure 284 psi (200 m H2O)
Mounting In-line
Operating Temperature -4 to 176 F (-20 to 80 C)
Accuracy 1 ±%
End Fittings In-line Threaded
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