Clark Solutions Electronic Globe Valve GS2A-1.6


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Electronic Globe Valve - GS2A-1.6 - Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA, USA
Electronic Globe Valve GS2A-1.6
Clark Globe Valves 1/2"through 2"are bronze body, NPT screw type, and are rated for ANSI Class 250 working pressure. The operating temperature range (of the controlled medium) limits are 20° to 250°F. Valve stems are stainless steel and valve plugs are brass for water service and brass or stainless steel for steam service, depending on temperature and pressure requirements. Stem packing is EPDM O-ring or Teflon/EPDM, depending on temperature. 1/2" through 2"two-way valves are rated for 25 PSI differential for water applications and 15 PSI inlet for steam applications. 1/2"through 2" three-way valves are rated for 25 PSI differential. Optional trim materials are available for higher temperature/pressure applications. Flow type for two-way valves is equal percentage or modified equal percentage for water or steam applications. Flow type for three-way valves is linear and all screwed valves meet ANSI class IV leakage standards (not to exceed 0.01%of Cv).
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number GS2A-1.6
Product Name Electronic Globe Valve
Primary Material Brass / Bronze
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Globe
Media Water; Hot Water; Cold Water  ; Steam
Actuation Electric
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