Clark Solutions Series CFS Turbine Flow Sensors CFS4400


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Series CFS Turbine Flow Sensors - CFS4400 - Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA, USA
Series CFS Turbine Flow Sensors CFS4400
Series CFS Turbine flow sensors are designed for water and compatible clean fluid flow measurement. They are a very economical choice for application where the accuracy, materials of construction and 500,000 liter approximate life rating of the sensors are acceptable. A magnet imbedded in the turbine (CFS2000 &3000A) or a PA plastic encased magnet turbine (FS4400) closes a hermetically isolated reed switch when in proximity. Sensor calibration factors are provided to convert pulses to flow rate.
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Liquid Flow Meters
Product Number CFS4400
Product Name Series CFS Turbine Flow Sensors
Operating Pressure 145 psi (102 m H2O)
Mounting In-line
Operating Temperature 32 to 176 F (0 to 80 C)
End Fittings In-line Threaded
Liquid Volumetric Flow Rate 0.40 to 5.28 GPM (1.5 to 20 L/min)
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