CITGO Petroleum Corporation Compressor Lubricant Compressor Oil 7585


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Compressor Lubricant Compressor Oil 7585
CITGO Compressor Oil 7585 is a compressor lubricant specifically designed for reciprocating compressors in sour, wet, high pressure service. It is formulated to provide maximum protection against oxidation and corrosion. CITGO Compressor Oil 7585 is formulated with a VI improved paraffinic base stock to provide good low temperature starting and high temperature film strength. CITGO Compressor Oil 7585, contains a special additive system to reduce lubricant displacement by water or liquid hydrocarbons, resist the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide and other sour gas components, and fight deposit formation to ensure compressor cleanliness.
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Technical Specifications

  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products
Product Number Compressor Oil 7585
Product Name Compressor Lubricant
Composition / Chemistry Petroleum or Mineral Oil
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