CITGO Petroleum Corporation Industrial Fluid Amplex® Oils


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Industrial Fluid Amplex® Oils
CITGO Ample Oils are high quality, medium viscosity index oils for use in general purpose lubrication applications. CITGO Ample Oils are made from highly refined medium viscosity index naphthenic base stocks with low pour points. These oils exhibit a mild natural dispersant action, good seal swell and excellent solvency. CITGO Ample Oils are recommended as general purpose machinery lubricants, especially for use as a mild service circulating oil and lubrication of plain bearings where oil is applied by hand methods. CITGO Amplex Oil 22 has a very low pour point which makes it suitable for lubrication of certain industrial equipment where low ambient temperatures may be encountered.
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Technical Specifications

  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products
Product Number Amplex® Oils
Product Name Industrial Fluid
Composition / Chemistry Petroleum or Mineral Oil
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