Chemdet, Inc. Turbodisc Drum & Barrel Washer Turbodisc 75/360


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Turbodisc Drum & Barrel Washer - Turbodisc 75/360 - Chemdet, Inc.
Sebastian, FL, USA
Turbodisc Drum & Barrel Washer Turbodisc 75/360
The TURBODISC 75/360 Drum & Barrel Washer is a scientifically designed, self-operating device that provides an aggressive dense spray to thoroughly clean the interior surfaces of drums, barrels, small tanks and containers. Quality Made of high grade stainless steel, it can be used with a variety of chemicals and detergents at temperatures up to 248°F (120°C). Simple Design With only one moving part, little or no maintenance is required. No small holes to block...the minimum orifice size is 3 mm (approx. 1/8"). Oil-Free Operation No grease or oil lubrication is used. The cleaning fluid is the only lubrication necessary, making the Turbodisc 75/360 ideal for food and beverage cleaning applications. Economy & Efficiency Low flow rates and reduced cleaning times are made possible by the continuously circulating dense spray pattern created by the unique rotating disc design.
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Technical Specifications

  Chemdet, Inc.
Product Category Pressure Washers
Product Number Turbodisc 75/360
Product Name Turbodisc Drum & Barrel Washer
Machine Mounting Portable Machine
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