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Perrysburg, OH, USA
M55-4 is commonly used for delivering lumber and building materials to construction sites. The 4-way technology allows all wheels to turn 90° giving the operator freedom to travel sideways with long length products through narrow spaces. Lifting capacity is 5500 lbs. It can be loaded or unloaded from the truck in less than a minute. Compare this model with a M55, M55P or M55P-4 way. Moffett at work delivering Lumber What is a Truck Mounted Forklift? Truck-mounted forklifts are specialized forklifts that are designed to be transported on the rear of a truck or trailer to allow self-unloading at the delivery site. Because your Hiab Moffett is mounted on the back of your truck, there is no loss of load space allowing you to carry more products and make more deliveries. There is no waiting for a customer's or supplier's forklift when you get to site so your delivery is made faster, leaving you extra time to make more deliveries. Precise load positioning means that you can place the produce exactly where needed dramatically reducing product damage. Having a Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted forklift means you can have faster, safer and more cost effective deliveries. Suitable for use with most trucks and trailers Transported using the unique Moffett Smooth Ride Mounting Kit One Moffett Mounty can be installed on any number of vehicles All-Wheel Drive Conventional steering and controls for ease of operation High Visibility Operator Station Excellent maneuverability Conforms to the requirements of ANSI B56.6 for rough terrain forklift trucks Contact us at 800-852-2311 to discuss which Hiab Moffett model and vehicle configuration best suits your material handling needs.
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  Hiab, Inc.
Product Category Lifts
Product Number M55 4-Way
Type Manual Pallet or Load Lift
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