Broadcom Inc. SAS Expander 2x36


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SAS Expander - 2x36 - Broadcom Inc.
San Jose, CA, USA
SAS Expander 2x36
The SAS2x36 Expander increases datacenter and storage subsystem reliability and scalability, leveraging integrated ARM processing and the 6Gb/s SAS and SATA interface to deliver a wide range of functionality and exceptional storage performance. From discovery and enclosure management to essential security features (zoning, random number generation, etc.), the SAS2x36 combines backward SAS compatibility with forward-looking scalability for higher total enclosure value. Enable higher enclosure capacities through 36 PHY edge expansion Ensure ample enclosure bandwidth through integrated RAM and an ARM926 processor
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Technical Specifications

  Broadcom Inc.
Product Category Bus Expanders
Product Number 2x36
Product Name SAS Expander
Number of Expansion Slots 36
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