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Magnetic Vinyl - Mag-Cut™ - BREN Inc.
College Grove, TN, USA
Magnetic Vinyl Mag-Cut™
A unique combination of magnetic vinyl, as is used for magnetic vehicle signs. With a heavy backing, Mag-Cutâ„¢ adhesive holds the magnetic vinyl in place while the cuts are made. When cutting is complete, the stencil is easily peeled from the backing, leaving the waste and adhesive on the backing. This provides you a clean, adhesive-free magnetic stencil for ferrous metal surfaces. Excellent reusable stencil material ideal for railcars, transformers, drums, and large steel containers, etc. Comes on a 7" core.
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Technical Specifications

  BREN Inc.
Product Category Specialty Tapes
Product Number Mag-Cut™
Product Name Magnetic Vinyl
Application Masking Tape
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