Baker Rapid Recovery Incubator ReCO2ver™

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Rapid Recovery Incubator - ReCO2ver™ - Baker
Sanford, ME, United States
Rapid Recovery Incubator ReCO2ver™
In all scientific research applications, each cell type will benefit from keeping proper physiological cell growth conditions. Cell culture incubators attempt to mimic physiological conditions, but atmospheric conditions within the laboratory and the environmental parameters incubators attempt to control vary widely, and are lost with each door opening taking a long time get back to your ideal parameters. This will impact the integrity of your work. There are several factors an incubator should control in order to help you achieve optimal cell growth conditions. Precision in temperature, gas and humidity as well as the rapid recovery of those conditions after door openings are crucial for ensuring cells are exposed to a constant environment required for their well-being. These parameters can change very quickly once a door is opened, and it can take a long time for in vivo-like conditions to be achieved again.
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Product Category Incubators
Product Number ReCO2ver™
Product Name Rapid Recovery Incubator
Jacket Type Dry
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