Baker Cell Culture Chamber PhO2x Box

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Cell Culture Chamber - PhO2x Box - Baker
Sanford, ME, United States
Cell Culture Chamber PhO2x Box
Baker Ruskinn’s PhO2x Box is a new, easy to use and economical Physoxia/Hypoxia system designed for in vitro cell culture experiments. PhO2x Box comprises a Gas Controller (with both O2 and CO2 control) and a Cell Culture Chamber. The Cell Culture chamber can be placed on a lab bench, or be placed inside an Incubator or a Workstation, while the Gas Controller remains outside. The Cell Culture Chamber has removable shelving and can accommodate microtiter well plates, small flasks and petri dishes. For customers who already have Hypoxia Workstations, PhO2x Box will provide them with the ability to install a second - or even third - independently controlled atmosphere in parallel with the main chamber. This expands the experimental capacity of those workstations, bringing much more flexibility and productivity to the lab.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms
Product Number PhO2x Box
Product Name Cell Culture Chamber
Type Environmental Stability
Parameters Oxygen, CO2
Configuration Benchtop
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