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Optical Power Meter - OPM400 - Artifex Engineering
Emden, Germany
Optical Power Meter OPM400
HIGHLIGHTS Wide dynamic range: 6½ decades of sensitivity Fine gain spacing: 16 gain ranges in 1-2-5 spacing Small signal rise time ( 10-90 %): 1 μs Maxi mum optical power: 6.5 dBm (4. 5 mW) Noise equivalent power (NEP RMS ): -63 dBm (50 0 pW) APPLICATIONS Production automation (eg: connectorization, pigtailing) Component testing, burn- in, lifetime Quality control OEM (eg: PER measurements) MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE The OPM400 series of optical power monitors employs photodiodes to measure optical power. Precision single ended transimpedance input st ages to provide for low offset and high linearity throug hout the full dynamic range. FIELDS OF APPLICATION These optical power monitors are particularly useful for the linear measurement and monitoring of optical power. The fast response time at high signal-noise-ratio makes the OPM400 series particularly useful in systems control feed back loops, such as in fibre alignment systems. The high sensitivity and wide dynamic range allow measurement of fibre coupled lasers and LEDs alike. Several options of photodiode material and optical input, make these units useful in a wide range of applications in cluding non-telecom metrology. These amplifiers have a particularly high sensitivity and large dynamic range. There are 16 gain ranges covering 5 decades of gain in a 1-2-5 pattern. The gain-to-gain accuracy of <1% allows confident measurements of power curves over the full range of sensitivity of the device: 6½ decades of measurement range. Thus even very demanding measurements such as the accurate and high speed, real-time determination of polarization extinction ratio becomes a simple task. The OPM4 00 series is insensitive to electromagnetic interference by design, an important factor when working in "dirty“ industrial environments. These units are provided in OEM-style enclosures. The case wings provide for mounting on standard 25mm and 1“ optical table tops and for OEM applications.
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  Artifex Engineering
Product Category Energy Meters and Optical Power Meters
Product Number OPM400
Product Name Optical Power Meter
Operating Temperature 0.0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F)
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