APM Hexseal Corp. Self-Sealing Washer 75108

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Self-Sealing Washer - 75108 - APM Hexseal Corp.
Englewood, NJ, USA
Self-Sealing Washer 75108
SEELOCĀ® Washers are self-sealing, vibration-resistant washers, each having a silicone rubber section, molded and bonded to a stainless steel formed washer. These washers are designed for use with regular screws, bolts, or studs for sealing panels and enclosures having standard as well as large clearance holes or adjustment slots, and can also be used to seal openings of protrusions. Upon tightening, a seal is formed under the head of the fastener as well as around the periphery of the washer face.
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Technical Specifications

  APM Hexseal Corp.
Product Category Washers
Product Number 75108
Product Name Self-Sealing Washer
Washer Type Self-sealing
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