Anokiwave IF Up/Down Converter IC AWMF-0210

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IF Up/Down Converter IC - AWMF-0210 - Anokiwave
San Diego, CA, United States
IF Up/Down Converter IC AWMF-0210
The AWMF-0210 is a highly integrated silicon frequency-conversion IC intended for 5G phased array applications. When used together with Anokiwave’s beamformer IC products, this device enables low-cost, high-performance, and feature-rich 5G phased array systems. The half-duplex IC integrates Tx single-sideband up-conversion and Rx image-reject down-conversion functionality. An on-chip frequency multiplier simplifies board-level integration with external PLLs. The IF up/down converter ICs are fully compatible with the respective Anokiwave Beamformer ICs, sharing common mechanical and electrical interfaces, and designed for cascade integration from IF to antenna and back. Features 24 to 30 GHz operation n258, n257, and n261 3GPP bands Flat wideband IF and RF response Integrated Tx/Rx half duplex switch Industry leading spectral purity Fully integrated sideband and image rejection Active Tx/Rx conversion gain Autonomous temperature telemetry and rejection On-chip x4 LO frequency multiplier High Rx linearity NEW FC-CSP package Consider AWMF-0221 Dual Pol Quad 4x2 Beamformer IC for a full RF Solution Applications 3GPP compliant 5G communications arrays and satcom transceivers
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Network and Communication Chips
Product Number AWMF-0210
Product Name IF Up/Down Converter IC
Package Type FCCSP
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