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Optical Mirror -  - Zygo Corporation
Middlefield, CT, United States
Optical Mirror
Applications ZYGO has a long tradition of manufacturing custom-made optical mirrors for a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to: EUV mirrors Lightweighted mirrors Space mirrors Stage Components for lithographic steppers X-ray mirrors Defense/Aerospace Medical/Life Sciences Industrial OEM Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) Materials ZYGO has the capability to process a wide range of materials for optical mirrors. Our product capabilities include: CLEARCERAM® mirrors Cordierite mirrors Silicon Carbide mirrors Silicon mirrors ULE® mirrors Zerodur® mirrors Types ZYGO produces a variety of types high quality custom optical mirrors, including: Aspheric mirrors EUV Mirrors Flat mirrors Light-Weighted Mirrors Monolithic Mirrors Off-axis mirrors Parabolic mirrors Spherical mirrors ZYGO has a wide range of other precision optical manufacturing capabilities, such as: Multi-axis CNC machining & Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) A large installed base of very large full aperture polishing process including many multi-meter class polishers Extensive experience in key sub-aperture finishing processes such as Computer Controlled Optical Surfacing (CCOS), Ion Beam Finishing (IBF) and Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF), through a variety of commercially available and custom made equipment Large coating capabilities and capacity Extensive cleaning (included automated) and inspection stations A wide range of metrology capabilities to characterize components across their entire Power-Spectral Density, with interferometers as large as 32" in diameter, and a wide range of state-of-the-art custom-made equipment.
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  Zygo Corporation
Product Category Optical Mirrors
Product Name Optical Mirror
Surface Flatness To better than λ/50
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