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Cordierite Mirror -  - Zygo Corporation
Middlefield, CT, United States
Cordierite Mirror
ZYGO's Optics business segment can custom manufacture precision Cordierite mirrors to your exact specifications. Cordierte mirrors are used for lightweight applications that require properties of low thermal expansion, high dimensional stability, and high rigidity. Applications ZYGO has a long tradition of manufacturing custom-made optical mirrors for a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to: EUV mirrors Lightweighted mirrors Space mirrors Stage Components for lithographic steppers X-ray mirrors Defense/Aerospace Medical/Life Sciences Industrial OEM Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) Types ZYGO produces a variety of types high quality custom optical mirrors, including: Aspheric mirrors EUV Mirrors Flat mirrors Light-Weighted Mirrors Monolithic Mirrors Off-axis mirrors Parabolic mirrors Spherical mirrors Materials ZYGO has the capability to process a wide range of materials for optical mirrors. Our product capabilities include: CLEARCERAM® mirrors Cordierite mirrors Silicon Carbide mirrors Silicon mirrors ULE® mirrors Zerodur® mirrors In addition to Cordierite mirrors, ZYGO has a wide range of optical manufacturing capabilities, such as: Multi-axis CNC machining & Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) A large installed base of very large full aperture polishing process including many multi-meter class polishers Extensive experience in key sub-aperture finishing processes such as Computer Controlled Optical Surfacing (CCOS), Ion Beam Finishing (IBF) and Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF), through a variety of commercially available and custom made equipment Large coating capabilities and capacity Extensive cleaning (included automated) and inspection stations A wide range of metrology capabilities to characterize components across their entire Power-Spectral Density, with interferometers as large as 32" in diameter, and a wide range of state-of-the-art custom-made equipment.
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  Zygo Corporation
Product Category Optical Mirrors
Product Name Cordierite Mirror
Reflector / Parabolic Mirror Shape Off Axis Paraboloid
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