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Marietta, GA, USA
The new DIT Photometer will make your customer's life easier with quick and easy determination of the most important parameters in water chemistry. DIT-L photometers The DIT-L ("Light") compact photometer quickly analyses the concentration of chlorine (free, combined, total), chlorine dioxide or ozone as well as the pH value in water treatment. Operating convenience, ergonomic design, compact dimensions and safe handling make this unit essential for water analysis. The DIT-L features "Scroll-Memory" for a fast access to favourite test methods. The operating menu is language independent. Advantages: Portable unit ... due to battery power (standard batteries) Quick and easy measurements ... due to reagents in tablet form (fail-safe, easy handling) ... due to storage of zero setting (quicker repeated measurement with same sample water) ... due to protection class IP 67 (water-proof) Accurate and reproducible measurements ... due to reagents in tablet form (reliable and convenient) Possibility of verifying the test results ... due to verification and reference standards Documentation, archiving and further evaluation of data ... due to optional infrared interface module DIT-IR Saving money and protecting the environment ... no disposal of reagents because of exceeded date of expiry due to long-term stable reagents (up to 5 or 10 years)
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Product Category Color Meters and Appearance Instruments
Product Number DIT-L Photometer
Instrument Type Spectrophotometer
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